Privacy Policy

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Creating accounts, and purchasing or registering products or services

If you submit requests online to create an account or to purchase or register our products or services, we may ask you to provide information, such as your email address, delivery address, phone number, product information, time of purchase, and method of payment to implement your purchase orders, deliver your products or services, activate or verify your products, make changes upon your request, provide technical support or authorized updates, and more.


If your device or application experiences any errors, you can choose to send the error information to Harsh Enterprises so that Harsh Enterprises can provide you with troubleshooting services. Harsh Enterprises may collect relevant information about the issue, such as your device model, application name and version, device identification number, and error logs.

Synchronizing, sharing, and storing data

Some of the services that Harsh Enterprises provides allow you to synchronize, share, and store data.

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