Listenor Pro

       Affordable assertive listening device that provides quality listening for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss and is ideal to be introduced as a cost effective solution for children for use in the classroom and at home. Listenor Pro is a powerful lightweight microphone and is used where amplification of a particular sound source is required by the listener to improve its clarity.


     Listenor Pro is an amplified listener with an Omani-directional microphone. It can be connected to a telephone, radio, computer, MP3, iOS device or other audio source to amplify the sound for a hard of hearing person. Volume and tone controls enable you to get the best out of your listening experience.

     ListenorPro is used with a directional microphone to focus on the teacher’s voice in a classroom and then amplify the sound. It can also be used to amplify the sound from landline or mobile telephones, computers, radios or other audio sources.

     There are a number of optional accessories listed below which can help those everyday listening requirements: headphones or an inductive loop for use with telecom-equipped hearing aids, the Listenor Pro telephone kit provides cables to connect to landline telephones for home or office use. Listenor Pro amplifies the caller’s voice and you can continue to speak using the telephone handset.

Audio cables are available for connection to the headset socket on radio, computer, MP3 or iPod, or CD players and television and extension cables are also available.


  • Designed for easy use with binaural headphones, earphones or an inductive loop for use with hearing aids.

  • Powerful sound amplifier

  • Focuses on sounds up to 5 meters away

  • Compatible with telecom-equipped hearing aids

  • Buttons to control tone and volume


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