Snakes and Ladders Computer Game for the Blind

       The game has been made especially for the visually impaired but can also be played by sighted people as well. Play the game with your family, friends or if you are alone you can play with the computer as well. 5 Different board layouts:  All the 5 layouts have different positions & number of snakes and ladders. Up to 4 players can play the game at a time.  Play the game for lifetime. When you purchase the game you will get a license number. With that number you can activate & deactivate the game as well. If you format your PC OR wish to install the game on another PC just deactivate the game and then install it again. Use any of the computer voices for playing the game.

    Set the speech rate and volume as per your requirement.  Save the game any time you want & can load the game again when next time you play.  If you are using a Screen Reader like NVDA or Jaws, you can turn off the interface voice so that it doesn’t conflict with the screen reader. Shortcut commands are present which makes the experience of playing the game even more pleasant.


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