Speech Trainer

       Speech Trainer is a device which is used by a teacher to learn a hearing impaired children how to speak. It increase voice pitch which could be heard by a H.I. person. This is one of the most helpful AT Device for a person with special needs. Portable Stereophonic Speech Trainer Operates on Battery or 230v ac mains complete with built-in microphone, microphone/tapeGram facility stereo headphone & L.E.D. VU meter.

Provides inbuilt microphones to teacher/speech therapist and student.  

Specification :-

  • Inputs: Teacher’s microphone (Mic R), Student’s Mic (Mic L), CD

  • Output: Through stereo headphones.

  • Operating Power: 230V, 50H

  • Channel Selection: Selectable combinations of headphone channels: L only, R only, both L+R

  • Tone Controls: Stereo tone controls (frequency filters): High pass, Low pass


  1. Lavanya

    Do you have a speech trainer device with visual / CRT display?

    • Harsh Enterprises

      Yes we have …
      please give us your contact detail we will provide you brochure.

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