Making People Able !!!!

Today New website of Harsh Enterprises Launched. This will help lot of divyangs to get there required  AT devices direct at home .We had working experience of more than Six year for person with special needs.
In view of a great variety of individual needs, education faces a stiff challenge from wide range of cultural and social backgrounds of the groups making up the society.  Assistive devices bring back the person to their normal functionality and promotes the self esteem among them.
The inclusion of students with barriers to learning in ordinary and special schools is a part of the global movement.
All learners have a right to education, regardless of their individual characteristics or difficulties.

        The recent introduction of ICTs in public schools caused a revolution in education, giving the green light to new conceptual paradigms in teaching and learning processes, based on active participation and cooperation of students thus supporting the inclusion of students with disabilities.

AT plays a fundamental role in carrying out the process of inclusion. Most solutions to the troubles experienced by people with physical impairments can be found as low-tech solutions and low cost solutions. We at Harsh Enterprises understand the need of Teachers, Parents, Children and hence promote the best suited devices to them. That’s the reason why we are fully committed and devoted to provide necessary necessities to the people who need special care .